Understanding Curly Hair

Understanding Curly Hair

Want curly hair but not sure how to uphold it throughout your install? Or are you having trouble maintaining your curly hair? Well lucky for you, we have made an outline for you to follow in order to keep your curls healthy and frizz free. But let’s first understand the nature of curly hair.

Curly hair has a natural tendency for dryness and this is because the natural oils that your scalp produces can’t travel down the strand as easily as it could with straight hair. Most people have a misunderstanding of why your curls frizz which is the lack of natural oil.


Your curls absorb water which forces the strands to revert to its natural, curly structure so try to dry your hair with a t-shirt or microfiber fabric cloth. When you use a terry cloth it usually absorbs too much water and will leave your hair dry and extremely frizzy so you need the right balance.

Reduce tangles

The follicle structure of curls is prone to tangle and knot so it’s best to detangle in the shower with a conditioner and a wide tooth comb. Make sure to detangle from the end to root and don’t lather your hair up into a ball creating unnecessary knots. When it is time for bed make sure that you clip your hair up because the friction from your pillowcase and your hair causes knots and tangles. It is best to use a silk pillowcase (if you do not wrap your hair in a silk scarf).


In the shower

Before stepping into the shower apply a deep conditioner to your hair and tuck it into a shower cap. Wash your body first so the steam from the shower will help lock in moisture to your hair. Remember don’t completely rinse out all of the conditioner when shampooing your hair and make sure your curly ends are always moisturized.

To dry

When letting your hair dry, try putting it up in a pineapple bun by pulling your hair into a loose ponytail on top of your head. This also helps from to reduce frizz.


Mix leave-in conditioner with a gel to style your hair. This helps to keep the moisture in your curls as well as gives it a nice, natural bounce. We also want to prevent crunchy curls so to do this touch them up with a light hair oil which will give them a nice, soft feel. When using a hot tool make sure to use a heat guard styling product because the key is to keep moisture in your curls. Now after styling your hair keep your hands off of it because playing in your curls may cause more frizzing.

In between washes

To revive your curls use a pinched spray and a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner on the ends. Make sure to avoid washing your hair on rainy days, this will cause your hair to frizz automatically. With these tips you are sure to master your curls.

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