Don't Be Singled Out!

That's right. Don't be singled out! There are far too many ways to not have boring hair. Well, maybe not boring, but..meh. You get the point. Hair extensions are EVERYWHERE. Not only that but there are many different types of hair extensions. One of the hottest hair extension methods that are currently being admired the most would be individuals, also known as Microlink, Microbead or I-Tip hair extensions.

A Microlink hair extension is a single strand application that uses tiny silicone lined copper tubes that are clamped into a cluster of strands of the client's natural hair. Microlinks come in a variety of lengths, textures, and colors. There is absolutely no reason as to why one may not be able to able to find the PERFECT color match.

These types of hair extensions have been around for the longest. There are hundreds of reasons as to why but for the most part, they are so beloved because of how discrete, lightweight and versatile they are. At the same time, be prepared for the maintenance that comes along with having these installed, ONE BY ONE. It's all fun and games until something terrible goes wrong but if you treat your hair well, it will treat you even better!

Since Microlinks is a strand by strand extension, they can easily tangle amongst each other so daily brushing is very important. The best tool for this would be a loop brush. Loop brushes will simply glide and lightly brush over the extensions at the root without tugging. When it comes to cleansing, shampoo as normal (sulfate-free) but only condition mid-shaft down. Try avoiding any oils, as that will cause the strands to slip out easily. Other than that- as always, treat them like your own hair and NEVER neglect your extensions. I'm pretty sure that Microlinks won't be dated anytime soon so take your time, do your research and explore new avenues in the fabulous world of hair extensions.