It Comes Naturally!

In recent years hairstyles with natural hair texture have been on the rise. And now, there are more options available for those that want to wear curly or kinky styles but also want to wear extensions or wigs. These are great ways to enhance your hair, create protective styles, or help transition your hair from relaxed to natural.

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The Chaka by Indique Collection offers two wigs that give you the choice of curly or straight. iKhanic Curl, which is created with Indique Coil Curl, can be lightly combed or brushed for natural-looking curls. It can also be brushed or combed a bit more for a modern afro style. iKhanic Straight, created with Indique Blow-Out, mimics natural hair that has been blow-dried. If desired, it can be straightened more using a blow dryer or flat iron.

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Indique Organic Curl from the Bounce Collection is a good option for someone that prefers a tight curl pattern. It is available as wefted hair as well as in clip-in form.

All hair in the Indique Bounce Collection has been steamed to create their textures. It is suggested that if you choose to straighten the wavy or curly textures that you have a professional stylist do so to maintain the integrity of the hair. Also, as the hair was steamed to create the patterns, it may not go back to its curl/wave pattern after straightening.