March, to the Beach!

Ladies, it's about that time where we began preparing for our spring break trips, whether it be to Cancun, Miami, or Myrtle Beach. We are getting our essentials together, that means excessive online shopping, 2-hour gym workouts, and planning our next hairstyle. So much work to do, with so little time! However, all that work may be hard but let this task be the easiest; which is determining what kind of hairstyle to get, or more importantly what type of weave you’ll be putting in.

Ocean waves aren’t the only waves you’ll be seeing on this trip. Wavy hair makes your vacation a breeze and a real relaxation without worrying about your hair but still looking gorgeous. Let us introduce you to our five types of waves here at Indique that may fit your budget, lifestyle, taste, and destination. We also took some time to measure each wave, as we will list our measurements in each section — the lower the measurement the more in-depth the wave.

             Pure Collection – Indian Hair


Pure Wavy

This wave is for the girls who like a little versatility. If you are looking to wear this hair beyond your vacation, look no further. With this hair your able to wear it wavy, but then straighten or curl it. You have options; you’re not stuck with one style. Very easy to maintain with waves that will last you your whole trip and more. Any length will be the bomb, whether you’re a girl who likes it short or someone who wants it touching the butt. You’ll see the waves any length you go. The Pure Wavy waves measure out to about 2 inches or less. We sell these bundles starting at $159.00

Bounce Collection – Indian Hair


Bounce Deep Wave

So, if you like a more profound wave but not yet fully curly, this wave is the right one for you. We recommend not heat styling this texture often as it may cause the curls to loosen. The waves will not return back because these waves have been through a steaming process which helped create these waves. If you apply heat, it will reverse the steam process (a little science lesson for you). So, back to your vaca, the waves in this hair are pretty very much similar to curly hair, but you always have the option to brush it out. It is a little more textured than the pure wavy but still glamorous. If you want to keep your hair wavy for a while, this is the perfect one for you. The deep wave measures to roughly 1 inch or less. These bundles start at $169.00.


Bounce Beach Wave

Now if you want your waves to match the waves at Miami Beach, this is the one for you. Just like deep wave, we discourage excessive heat styling (if you don’t know why read the paragraph above, but we hope you didn’t skip through). Beach wave is a pretty, sunsetting, lovely wave that compliments your glow, and the actual beach you’re at. These waves are a little looser than the deep, each wave measures to about 1.5 inches give or take. There is a soft element to the wave and requires little to no maintenance. These bundles start at $169.00 as well.


Sea Collection – Southeast Asian Hair


Sumatra Wave 

The term Sumatra is the largest island in Indonesia, and it’s a part of the Sunda Islands. What a coincidence! You’re going to an island; this hair is from an island, there’s no better match. Our Sumatra wave is an entirely different texture than our other waves. BUT! What I can say, it is very similar to our pure wavy wave, which measures out to about 2 inches or less, and because this wave pattern has not been steamed, you may apply heat to this hair. The waves are very soft, and the hair color is usually dark, which may be a preference for some ladies. So, if you’re not trying to spend too much buck, you can opt for this alternative option. These bundles start at $75.

Tahitian Wave


Tahitian which stems from the world Tahiti is also the largest island in French Polynesia. The island is shaped like an 8 (which I thought was pretty cool). The island is filled with black sand beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, and two extinct volcanoes. Why travel 16 hours for a Tahitian wave, when you can buy it and install it, in less than 4. Our Tahitian wave, also a more profound wave, comparable to our Bounce Deep wave. Each wave measures to about 1 inch, and it is a little bit more textured than the Bounce Collection. If you're looking for something that is budget friendly as well as has a nice curl wave to it, then this wave is for you. These waves measure out to about 1 inch or less. These bundles also start at $75

Now that you’ve gotten your Wave lesson, with a little science, social studies and math component, you’re now able to walk away deciding which wave to get. We hope we made planning for this trip a lot easier and brought you one step closer to being all set!