Tina the Musical: Wig Edition

Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock, is one lady to set trends with every hairstyle she wore. She's been performing for quite some time and has had some of the most influential styles and music. Her legacy is one to remember and will continue. She has been featured in movies and even now is the mastermind and creator behind Tina the Musical.


Tina, the Musical, is the story of Tina Turner, her childhood, first steps into music, her love life and more. They go deep and undercover more than what was in the movie("What's love got to do with it"). So much was shown, and being in the audience, you get to enjoy the music. Your able to see where every song came from and the time and effort that was put into it. You watch as the character who plays Tina (Adrienne Warren) transforms with her voice, style, and hair. Ike, played by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith does a phenomenal job and plays the character so well. One thing about this show, the hair, makeup and wardrobe is remarkable and represents the times played so perfectly.


There's so much hair featured in the show. About 97 wigs are being used per play, while there are about 27 cast members. To give you a visual of numbers, Hairspray the Musical (which is a show based about hair) has about 150 wigs per show. That is about 50 more wigs with just roughly twice the amount of cast members.  That means there are constant wig changes. Adrienne, who plays Tina wears about six wigs every show. Six different wigs and styles are being showcased on one person in the midst of about 2-3 hours, showcasing young Tina to Tina in her prime. Ike, on the other hand, has a wig stack of his own, that resembles the real Ike so well.


The most talked about hairstyle Tina rocked was the wild and spiky blonde hair. Her time between "Rolling on the River" and "What's love got to do with it." In the show, the character wears that hair just like Tina. There is a process of putting on that one wig, between the wires and the styling it takes a whole team of people. If the wig isn't secured correctly, one wrong twist will have the wig sitting in the audience. There's an entire team dedicated to making, customizing, measuring, styling and upkeeping all the wigs that go on the stage. It's a job within a job, and when the show has started all hands are on deck. Head over to Tina the Musical's Instagram page, to watch the process of applying, styling and storing each wig for the show.