Just A Touch of Color

Have you ever been walking down a street and notice the coolest looking girl with the best hair? Or maybe you're on social media, and you happen to scroll upon an Instagrammer with legit #HairGoals? You notice that these girls are fearless with their hair choices.

They are bold and beautiful; so you begin to wonder if maybe you should give it a try. Then reality hits and you start to think "there is no way I can pull that look off… I can't wear this to work" and especially "I don't want to damage my natural hair!" Fear not because we got you!

Here is a list of amazing non-damaging temporary hair color product that can be removed in a snap. These products help give your look a touch of spice it's been missing without the commitment. Can't wear pink hair to the office? Not to worry, pop the color on Friday night and wash it out Sunday night! Boom, you've successfully jazzed up your weekend!

Indique Hair’s Hysteria Collection in Platinum

We first recommend that you find great blonde extensions to deposit the color onto. Using blonde will allow the color to really pop. The Hysteria Collection retails at $115.


Hair Paint Wax 
A temporary hair coloring solution for those who want to try a new color for the week or the day. Natural coloring, easy to wash out, firm hold with no damage, and no stickiness. Perfect for natural hair and your bundles. 


Mofajang Hair Wax

Mofajang Hair Wax Made of natural ingredients and environmentally friendly with seven bold colors to choose from. Gives all hair types the hold, control, and shine that it needs!

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Jerome Russell Bwild Temporary Hair Color Spray

Colorful streaks or tips calling your name? Look no further than this temporary hair color spray for your playful look. Be Bright! Be Bold! B Wild!Hair Tips:

Use on clean and dry hair.

Use gloves to prevent staining on hands.

Wash out with shampoo or warm water.

Shake the thought of not being able to pull a look off; you'll never know until you give it a try. What's the harm in trying something new, you fail? It is entirely okay to fail or have something not work out; it's what you do; next, that is the most important.