Porosity is Important!

Porosity is Important!

There is more to natural hair then just knowing your natural curl number (4a, 4b,3a,3c). In order for your hair to prosper and grow and not stay stuck at the same length its been for the past year we must learn our hair porosity. Our hair porosity just means how much moisture and products our hair can absorb and it can be one of 3 things: low, normal or high.

To find out if your natural hair is of low, normal or high porosity, you can conduct a test, with just a glass of water and one strand of your hair. Fill the glass of water up and drop your strand of hair into the glass. If it floats to the top your hair has low porosity, if it sinks to about half way down you then have normal porosity, but if it sinks to the bottom your hair has high porosity. Do you see where we are going here? You do? Let's continue...


So your hair floated to the top, which means your hair has low porosity. Low porosity is when your cuticles are a bit tighter and it doesn't allow for moisture to enter your hair and absorb the moisture. Since your hair doesn't allow moisture and products to enter your hair, the water from the glass wasn't able to enter the hair to weigh it down, hence why it floated to the top. If you often experience a lot of build up, you most definitely have low porosity and are probably using the wrong products. To ensure your hair is getting the correct moisture, try deep conditioners while sitting under the dryer to penetrate the moisturizers and oils into the hair. It is also great to use a sulfate free shampoo, we recommend Indique Moisturizing Shampoo because it is sulfate free but also restores moisture and shine as well.

OK, so your hair stayed in the middle of the glass, looks like you have normal porosity hair. YAY, you're in the clear, your hair is on the right track, absorbing enough moisture and shine to last you for a while. Continue doing what your doing but do stay away from anything that may cause harm to your hair, including applying heat or any chemicals. But if you do want to add heat or chemicals, make sure to take precautions such as heat protectant as well as keeping it up after. If you have high porosity hair your curls are usually full and bouncy and you don't have to do much work. You should probably add some Design Essentials Curl Refresher, just to refresh the curls after a while, but nothing more.

Now, if your hair sank to the bottom of the glass, you ultimately have high porosity hair. This just means the total opposite of low porosity where your hair cuticles are tight, high porosity hair cuticles are very wide open. This allows for moisture to enter the hair very quickly, but also leave the hair quickly as well since the cuticles are open. On a regular day, your hair probably looks dry and frizzy But! Have no fear, to avoid moisture leaving your hair to add some oils after you apply your moisture which will help secure the moisture. You can try a drop of our Indique French Argan Oil to secure in any moisture that may leave your hair.


So whatever your hair porosity is, there is always a plan, and hair products to support your hair. I do recommend doing research, on every product that goes in your hair because you don't want to waste your money buying different products.