Beauty On A Budget!

Beauty On A Budget!

These days to achieve Beauty on a budget it seems to be almost impossible! Why?!

With beauty gurus and celebrities shoving down our throats the latest products and high-end brands with the infamous fountain of youth its hard to not cash out and spend our last pennies on the newest beauty product. But we’ve got some tips and tricks that will not only keep you looking flawless it will save you from breaking the bank.

Save Your Coins

1. Sample Sample Sample!!!

By now most beauty lovers know that Sephora is probably one of the best places to go shopping for any beauty related items especially if you are into sample sizes. You can take one sample of each thing you are craving to buy, but don't stop there check out some local skincare boutiques and pop up stores in your area that's just dying to reach out to new clientele.

2. Do It Yourself, Sis!

With just about everything on Youtube who needs to go out and spend big bucks on skincare products when you can just DIY. Many everyday household items like egg, olive oil, and sugar along with so many other products can be an excellent alternative for skin care, and with most of these products being completely natural you would never have to worry about all the chemical based products they have in store.

3. Spa Day

We can't talk beauty unless we are talking a full spa day filled with massages and deep pore cleansing facials! We all know how hefty that price tag can be for a full day at the spa right but let me save you some trouble! Sites like Living Social and Groupon have great deals that include all of the above for half the price. Although some exclusions may apply it the perfect way to feel like a princess without having the Prince!

4. Shop Around!

Always price match your items before making that full commitment. With so many places to shop online and in the store I know it can get overwhelming and we always get so impatient but never let that new product launch trick you into paying full price for any product no matter what Brand it is! Take your time Sis don't make that fear of missing outbreak your bank!

5. Search for a Sale!

Most companies have sales all the time. Be sure to look for the best price before committing. Had your eyes on Indique’s Bounce Collection? Shop our limited edition Bounce Bundle Deals, available this week only! Click here for more details.