Tread The Desert In Style

With the start of the new Spring season and the promise of warmer weather, music festivals all abound! From Coachella to SXSW, Electric Daisy Carnival to Tomorrowland and so much more. Festivals are a great excuse to dress up as fun and fearless as you like. It's the time of the year to grab those floral headbands, body glitter, neon paint, bright make-up and get L O U D. It’s also the time of the year where it's most likely probably going to be hot, sweaty, raining, muddy, cold – and somehow all at the same time.

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

1. To avoid fret, make sure you dress in layers and feel comfortable in whatever you wear as you want to be able to move around/dance and not fuss about your outfit. But, still, look cute. One of those layering pieces being tall boots to keep your legs free from dirt and soles comfy. 

2. Be prepared for anything, play it safe by creating yourself a kit in a stylish bum bag aka, fanny pack to keep yourself hands-free. Baby wipes, hand gel, lip balm, chewing gum, water spray bottle – take the essentials to ensure you’re not a sweaty mess. Multipurpose products like Design Essentials' Deep Moisture Balm is great because you can use it as a hand or body lotion, and as a hair butter for when your hair starts to look frizzy in the desert. 

3. Plan it out. Work out a plan on where to meet at a specific location if one of you goes awry. Also, have a vague plan of what bands/artists you want to see. 

4. One word: Tents. If you’re sleeping al fresco, there are some crucial rules to follow like getting there early to capture a good spot before they fill up. Make sure your tent is waterproof. Keep all your stuff safe and make sure you buy a good quality sleeping bag. You would be surprised how cold it gets at night, even in the summer. Also, take ear plugs. It’s not rock and roll, but you need to get a few decent hours sleep. Otherwise, you’ll look like a zombie covered in glitter the next day.

5. Easy peasy hairdos. When you're not having a good hair day, you're just not having a good day at all, no matter where you are. Make it easy for yourself by getting yourself some quick, temporary, human hair pieces from Indique like their clip-ins in the Studio Perfect 10 collection or lace front wigs from the Pure collection. And just in time, Indique is offering 20% off from April 4th- April 14th on their Studio Perfect 10s, Pure Wavy Wigs, Pure Curly Wigs, and Hysteria collection. This festival season you're going in prepared and ready for all the excitement!