Let's Do Brunch!

One of the most relaxing things to do on the weekend is going to brunch. Sometimes, however, it can be a bit tricky to get a table at your favorite spot.

With a little planning hosting your brunch can be an easy solution.

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The first thing to think about is your guest list. Decide whether it will be a special event with a few friends or something a bit larger. Consider who in your various social circles will blend well. You want the right mix so that everyone will feel relaxed and enjoy themselves.

When planning your menu remember to take into account food allergies and dietary needs. You wouldn’t want a vegan guest to be neglected by having a list full of dairy and meat options. Or an expecting mother to be surrounded by bottomless mimosas.

Also, consider a buffet set up for your brunch. This will allow guests to select their portion sizes, get precisely what they prefer, and eat & drink at their own pace. Remember to have warmers available for dishes that are best served heated.

If you’re at a loss for menu options, it’s as easy as Google. You can find sample menus on sites like Pinterest. Or get ideas from restaurants that serve brunch.

If you’re not much of a chef and don’t want to hire a caterer big box stores like Costco and BJ’s can be a good source. A quick trip can supply you with various types of platters. You can find pastry, fruit, veggie, and deli meat options. The frozen food section is also an excellent place to find quiche in large and individual servings. While you’re there don’t forget to pick up waffles, pancakes, and crepes. You can find a variety of items for brunch that are heat and serve.

Also, consider the option of having a potluck. With the help of a list, you can make sure that every area of your menu is covered. And by doing this, you will lighten your workload.

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Mimosas are a brunch staple. Add coffee, tea, and juices to your shopping list, and your grocery shopping will be complete. If you don’t own a coffee maker because Starbucks is life don’t fret. Places like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts offer coffee carafes for large groups. They even provide you with milk options, sweeteners, stirrers, and cups.

To set the mood to create a playlist that all of your guests will enjoy. Or if you prefer something spontaneous create a Pandora station based on an artist or song that will give you brunch a nice flow.

Icebreakers can provide a source of help if your guests are not familiar with each other. Casual games that require interaction or Q&A can be an excellent way to get your guests to talk and get to know each other.

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Don’t forget to enhance your setting with a few flower arrangements. Trader Joe’s or your local supermarket can provide you with beautiful yet inexpensive flowers.

Brunch is meant to be a time to relax and have fun, so remember to do just that! As long as you remember to keep it simple and enjoy yourself, you can have as much fun as you would at a trendy restaurant. Maybe more.