Fun with Organic Curl!

This past week, I created a fun style with Indique’s Bounce Organic Curl. Check out my steps below:

Step 1: I shampooed the Bounce Organic Curl and deep conditioned with Indique Essentials Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I let the hair air dry overnight.

Then, I created custom clip-ins because I enjoy the styling versatility, lack of tension, and temporary length it gives. I measured them based on my haircut (my sides and back are short/tapered, so my wefts are made more concise). Clip-ins are also great because they can be every night, and I like to detox my scalp and hair weekly/bi-weekly and deep steam condition.

Step 2/ Look#1: I two strand twisted my hair as well as the Bounce Organic Curl hair while on the clips before installing. I’ll usually wear my hair twisted for a day, then take it out the next day. This time, I created a fun/messy twisted crown!


Step 3/Look #2: I took out the two strand twists in my hair, and the Bounce Organic Curl, reinstalled, and fluffed!


Step 4/Look #3: This is usually my end-of-the-week look. I create a pineapple/puff with an invisi-bobble hair ring. It keeps tension off the hair and holds hair with lots of density! I pick my hair out to make it bigger, and bigger! 😊 You can also achieve this look with a longer/thinner head wrap wrapped and tied. I recommend one that is nylon or satin lined. (Photo isn't me, but the same look! I'm still enjoying my fluffed twist out.)


I look forward to adding color and creating more summer styles! So, to all my naturally curlies.

Don’t shy away from our Bounce Organic Curl. Instead, embrace how fun it can be!