Oh girl, you want a curl?

There are so many ways to achieve different curls and different looks with various hair tools. Hairstylists from all over use different tools to get different styles. The most popular tools used have been perm rod sets, flexi rods, curling wands, and flat iron. Each tool creates its unique look, giving you many different options to achieve different curls.


Perm rod sets are the old fashioned way of achieving beautiful curls. This method requires no heat and gives you voluminous curls. You can change the size of the curl by changing the rod depending on your length as well. These curls give body and bounce.


Flex rod sets are a little bit more flexible in terms of getting the exact curl, exact twist, and perfect look. You get to twist and turn the curl in any direction you'd like. Curls are coming and going in every direction. The plus, they don't hurt your head when sleeping at night as much as perm rod sets. Flexi rods give an elongated curl without applying heat. The curls have more of a long drop.


Wand curls are the fast and easy version of achieving flexi rod curls. Wand curls use any hot wand tool that creates long spiral curls in less than a minute. These curls are just as bouncy and pretty but have been achieved much faster than the flexi rod set. These wand curls are for the girls who don't mind applying heat to their hair to get the flexi rod look. Depending on the size of the wand, you can achieve different types of curls whether you want them long and skinny, or short and thick, grab the right size.


Flat Iron curls are a technique that one must learn. It is not as easy as it looks, but it gives you pretty voluminous curls with the flick of your wrist. Flat Iron curls don't give you a spiral curl look but more of a bump curl. It is also more of a wave curl as well, but it is gorgeous. It may take a few passes to achieve this curl, but once you get it, it's beautiful. But to see the curl its all about how you comb the curl out and how it cools off, that's what makes the curl!