Go Big or Go Home!

Volume has always been an essential factor when it comes to hair. Although many women prefer a more natural look, even when it some to their extensions, for others a  lack of volume is one of the most common hair concerns. It's no wonder then that our fascination with adding body to our hair has continued the ongoing trend for colossal hair. 

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When it comes to adding volume to your hair, Indique can make your life so much easier. Whether it's a sew-in-weave, a wig, or your natural hair, there are different ways to add volume. One way you can add volume, is by using clips-ins. Indique offers a line of clips-ins , the Studio Collection Perfect 10, that comes in a 10 piece set for your convenience.

Another form of clip-ins from Indique is the Studio Collection Fishnet. This kind of clip-ins is one hairpiece of nine wefts of hair with four clips on the top and two clips on the bottom. Some women wear this if they would like to add volume or length, or both! To do so, you can easily just part your hair and then place the hairpiece in the area that you want to add volume and clip in it. 

For easy volume, we recommend Chaka by Indique wigs. If you want curly hair, try the iKhanic Curl, if you would like a straighter style, try the iKhanic Straight. Both looks will give you the Chaka Khan signature look.


Another way you can add volume to your hair is by adding additional tracks into your hairstyle. Although it may not be as easy as using clip-ins, this method if done correctly can give you a flatter install. You can do this by sewing tracks in between your hair wherever you may find space. Even if you want to add on to a simple ponytail, adding more tracks or another full bundle will give you the volume you're looking for. Indique carries a range of products that will be perfect for your next add on. 

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