Reinvention of the Feminine Crown

This title came to me after talking with one of our clients about her reinventing herself. She was looking for a different look from the straight hair and bangs (she wears our Bounce Blowout in 14" with the Blowout closure), so she ended up choosing coil curl 18" with the spiral curl closure. After our thorough consultation, she explained to me that the new hair is a part of her reinvention. She had recently lost her husband of 18 years and wanted to do something for herself - something refreshing to bring into the transition and new beginning.


I empathized with her story as I watched my mother go through the same thing from August 2018, when we lost my father to Pancreatic cancer. Hair is often referred to as a woman's "crown." A woman's crown is truly her glory and can reflect her femininity. When a woman identifies as a wife for so many years and becomes a widow there is a psychological shift, grief included, and in that processing, some redefining happens. Many times, part of this redefining includes home renovation, decluttering, moving, selling items that once belonged to the deceased, and a physical makeover.

After talking with our client about her new hair look, I immediately remembered walking my mom through the same thing. She asked me to change her hair completely! She was initially tired from being a caretaker, so first, we just cut it all very short and natural to lighten her load and routine. Then, after my father's passing she wanted even more of a change, so we did a bold red vibrant color! She's been so happy since, and I love the joy she has with every compliment received. This proves that something as seemingly "small" as a new hairdo can truly lift someone's grief ridden spirit.

Adding or changing one's hair can improve confidence and mood! Color psychology has been proven to be a mood booster. Even without color, we all know that when you look good, you feel even better!

When in a state of chaos, one controllable thing is our appearance. Sometimes, changing our hair, style, or even makeup routine can put us at ease while we accept the things we cannot change such as a sick loved one or financial crisis.

Hair is spiritual. Some believe that our hair carries the weight of the past, depending on how long we've had the hair on our heads or the memories connected to a specific look. Cutting, coloring, or adding to our hair can feel like a release and removal of dead spiritual weight. Psychologically, we can remove some of the connections from the past by eliminating familiarity.

In many cultures, hair is connected to a woman's sensuality, fertility, and youthfulness. Although it is mainly perception, one of the easiest ways to add youthfulness (or age) to ones look is to change their hairstyle!


As women, we carry a lot in our hair from memories, to grief and insecurities, or even bold statements that we may never verbally say – but our stance is communicated. As an Indique Client Care Liaison, I take pride in helping women navigate through these vulnerable moments. I believe for newfound widows, and even cancer survivors, their boldness in taking on the physical change of a new hair look is courageous and inspiring. They're showing the world that also thought they suffered a significant loss; there is still so much life to live and beauty to display. And they raise their crown to slay another day! Shine on queens.