Prom? Circle Yes or No...

Prom isn't at all what it use to be. I remember searching for the prettiest dress in hopes that no one would have the same dress like me and picking a color, hairstyle and a DATE if I was lucky. Nowadays Prom is like the most significant event during your HS years, besides graduation of course.

Guys are going above and beyond to ask a girl to Prom, and the girls are coming to slay! With extravagant gowns fit for weddings and Galas these couples are show-stopping.

The Mermaid gown is a crowd favorite. It is the perfect silhouette and accentuates the feminine curves.


Another BIG prom trend, dresses with DRAMATIC trains trailing behind. As I stated before (dresses fit for Galas) — beautiful vibrant colors and prints.


Standing out is the goal for most prom goers. They want to be noticed; I guess that's the point of all this right? To be different and to not look like everyone else. Pantsuits are also becoming a "thing" for females as well. I think it is edgy and a very sleek look. Whatever you decide to wear for Prom let it be memorable!