Do I need a frontal, closure or bang clip?

Do I need a frontal, closure or bang clip?

So many women come into Indique Hair Boutique questioning if they need closure or a frontal, not knowing the difference between the two. Bang clips are not as a favorite today as they were before and clients are always asking where they can find a bang clip, little do they know they can achieve a bang with a closure or frontal. Ah ha! These pieces are made for women who do not want to leave any of their hair out but still would like the illusion that it is their hair.

But let's begin with explaining what each piece is and the outcome that it brings.


Frontals are lace pieces or sometimes silk pieces that measure about 13 inches long and roughly 4-6 inches wide depending on the seller. Frontals measure from one ear to another and are intended to cover up edges and the frontal perimeter of your head. Frontals can give the illusion of baby hairs and edges that may not have been there before. It is also meant to mimic what your edges would look like and be able to have the ability to part in the middle, the side, half up and half down look, or a slick back low ponytail. Frontals are a lot of maintenance and can have a shorter span time than a closure. Frontals usually last 2-3 but can be more with proper maintenance and depending on if it is sewn down or made into a wig.



Closures are also lace or silk pieces that can have different measurements, including 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6. Closures are meant to go on one section of the head which gives an illusion of either a side part or a middle part. Unfortunately, closures do not cover all of your edges and the perimeter of your head. It is less maintenance than a frontal because it is only in one section, there aren't usually baby hairs involved but can be. Closures are cheaper as well because they are smaller but in reality, last longer than frontals. Closures can last up to a long time with proper maintenance and care.


Bang Clips:

Bang clips usually don't involve lace but are just self-explanatory. Bangs that you can clip on. However, clip-on bangs are very hard to find nowadays. People are now settling for closures in which they can part a bang, and it still looks very natural. Clip-on bangs were such a convenience for people since all you need to do clip it on and off for a different style; it made a lot of lives more comfortable.

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