Nail it for less!

For the past two years, acrylic and gel nails have been on the map!. Although artificial nails have been around forever, they are becoming a vital part of our wardrobe. Nails are a huge fashion statement whether you prefer coffin, square, stiletto, or almond. With the different designs, lengths, and shapes to choose from, you are sure to break the bank at some point. So why not opt for the inexpensive route occasionally?

neon press on.jpg

Another alternative for flashy nails is press-on! Yes, press-on nails are definitely a statement, and now they come with BIGGER and BETTER deigns.

green press on.jpg

Creators of these luxurious nails are focusing on what's trending at nail salons and offering easy at home applications. They are shaping and detailing the nails to keep up with even the ten digits of Cardi-B with decked out rhinestones and nail art.

With press-on nails, customers can opt for the quick and easy application with the same results, especially if you need them for a day or two without the hassle of going to the nail salon.