Please Don't Kill My Vibe

Most of us encounter some “bad” energy every day. Whether it’s at work, school, out running errands or just the things we see daily traumatic news stories and scrolling social media.

It is essential to have a foundation of heightened awareness. Your sacred space is the energy surrounding your body. By activating your area around you with loving intention and respect, it will love and respect you back.

Here are a few ways to keep your vibes positive and keep you vibrating higher


Rose Quartz - Stone of the Heart, a crystal of unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment, and comfort.


Clear Quartz - Master Healer. This crystal will amplify any energy or thoughts, opens the mind and heart to higher guidance.

clear quartz.jpg

Amethyst - Healing powers to help with emotional issues, physical ailments, and balancing.

Black Obsidian – Known to cleanse negativity, a bodyguard to your soul.


Citrine - Used to aid you to manifest abundance and prosperity. Also known to relieve anxiety.

Citrine Quartz.jpg


My favorite candles come from Art of the Root. They are soy-based, smell amazing, and long burning, these are my top 3.

1. Self-Love

Art of the Root - Self Love.jpg

2. Spiritual Cleansing


3. House Blessing


Another way to protect your vibes and the energy around you is self-cleaning.


Cleansing yourself and your space is critical. Make sure to open windows and doors to move the negative energy out. I like to use Love Sage Bundles or Palo Santo.

Floral Sage Bundle.jpg

My all-time favorite way to rid all the negative energy and vibes for the day is a nice steaming hot Spiritual bath! Spiritual baths are also known as a form of cleansing. They’re meant to be a reset button for your energy and help set meditative intentions. Fill your tub with hot water, fresh flowers, Himalayan or Epsom salt, and some essential oils. Dim the lights, burn your candles and enjoy the quiet relaxation of tranquility, and peace.