Blend, Blend, BLEND.

Eye shadow is an art form that takes some time to master. You could be a natural at it, or you could spend hours watching YouTube videos and learning the importance of blending. Either way, it is a skill that could be learned and mastered with time and practice!

lm tapered brush.jpg

If you ask any MUA, they will tell you the key to great looking eyeshadow is BLENDING. It may seem like a minor detail, but blending takes patience and a lot of practice, which is why there are tools to help.

Finding good blending brushes isn't hard because these days there are SO many options. You want to look for blending brushes that are dense, fluffy, and sometimes soft for a more natural light blend.

Laura Mercier’s Finishing Pony Tail Brush has a tapered bristle, so the top goes to a very slight soft point, making it perfect for getting right into the crease to add intensity but also to buff and smoke out as it applies.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 1.14.14 PM.png

The bristles on the MAC217 are not too soft and not too hard, allowing you a lot of control on your blend, especially on more stubborn pigments and creams.


When blending, you want to melt the colors together evenly seamlessly.

Another great Duo is The Real Technique Blend and Shade brushes, Which are super dense and pack a lot of color for those that want a more dramatic eye.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 5.39.37 PM.png

Real Techniques

Whether Soft and Subtle or Dramatic blending is KEY in your eyeshadow application.

With these Brushes as part of your collection, you are sure to perfect your blending skills and can create fantastic eye looks in no time!.