Cleanse, Condition, Contain!

Summer is here! With the weather heating up, many clients are switching from slay to vacay (sleek/smooth to wavy/curly). With the switch comes new maintenance habits, and we also want to make sure you store your previously used hair properly.

The following steps help with combating frizz, tangling, dryness, and breakage:


{1} Detoxification/Pre Poo – An apple cider vinegar hair soak is recommended after initial purchase, and before the first installation. For two bundles, (approximately 8oz of hair) fill a bowl with two cups of warm water. Then, add two cap fulls (two tsp) of apple cider vinegar. Allow the mixture to soak while covered for 20 minutes. This will help remove any buildup and residue before shampooing.

{2} Deep cleanse if you still feel any residue with a clarifying shampoo. (Only if there is lots of buildup on the hair, otherwise skip to step 3)


{3} Hydrating cleanse with Indique Essentials Moisturizing Shampoo which is rich in French Argan Oil, formulated to improve manageability and softness. It gently cleanses without drying hair; infuses vital moisture, and maximizes shine.

{4} DO NOT towel dry! The more water in the hair, the more evenly the conditioner will apply, and the easier the hair will detangle.


{5} Condition with a massaging & detangling method – working with the Japanese taught me a very effective conditioning technique that I have never stopped using since! The massaging/detangling process (similar to effleurage in massage and skincare), you apply Indique Essentials Moisturizing Conditioner (about a quarter size per bundle, focusing on the ends) apply one hand at the base (close to wefts) to hold the hair, and use the other hand to gently smooth the hair from roots to ends. Only move your hands in a downward motion and occasionally run your fingers through like a comb.

This technique helps cut blow dry time, if blow drying, and enhance curl definition if wearing curly. It also reduces frizz and brings ease of styling. Usually, when performing this method, you will not even need a brush to detangle because tangles slip right out! However, if required, follow up with a paddle brush to remove any tangles or knots remaining.

{6} Gently rinse, and leave in just enough "slip." When rinsing, it is best to use lukewarm to cold water depending on the amount of moisture the hair needs to retain (coarser and curlier hair will need more help with moisture retention; a quicker and more refreshing water rinse will help with this).

{7} Apply product and style. Now that you’ve taken the necessary steps to cleanse correctly, condition, smooth, and detangle, this step will be easy! You should also be able to use much less product. If blow drying, for a smooth, shiny and heat protected look, our iKhanic Shine Spray holding it 10-12 inches from the hair and using 1-2 pumps (depending on the length of hair) per 2-inch section. Brush to distribute evenly and style. The iKhanic Shine is a heat and UV protectant with jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E. It is lightweight and luminous, adding shine for all textures without weighing hair down.

If curly styling, (wash-n-go) use the Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Curl Defining Gelee on soaking wet hair. Taking smaller sections, apply a dime-quarter amount per section using the same smoothing technique that you applied the conditioner with. For lightweight curl care, spray on the Design Essentials Bamboo & Silk leave-in. This style can also be finished with the Indique Essentials Argan Oil and iKhanic Shine.


If you are cleansing & conditioning extensions that are not currently installed, make sure you let the hair completely air dry before storing. Once dry, it is best to store the hair in the original Indique Tubes or satin bags that they came in.