Balling On A Budget

It's not uncommon to want to duplicate an outfit worn by your favorite celebrity. Or you are watching a reality show and desire to vacation like the wealthy. And thanks to a few tips and tricks (and apps) you can get a bit closer, without breaking the bank.

Luxurious Labels

baller 3.jpg

Dressing like a socialite is a lot easier than you think. Thanks to consignment stores and discount retailers like Century 21 , you can purchase some of the hottest designers at discount rates. Another hot tip is to become friendly with the staff at high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. That's one of the best ways to be notified of unannounced sales and additional markdown dates.

Post-holiday is a great time to catch bargains, and if you can find out when a store does their inventory count, keep an eye on their sale rack the days before and the days after. This is when a lot of retailers try to clear out items that they have too many of or just one or two pieces lingering around.

Websites and apps like Rent The Runway, make it comfortable to wear names like Amsale and Zac Posen to that next black tie event. Poshmark is also excellent for scoring a gently worn Chanel or Gucci item.

Glamorous Glam

If you still want the higher end brands, there are a few benefits to investing. Stores like Sephora and Ulta give you points when you shop and these points can later be used for free items and discounts.

Department stores offer gifts with purchases for many brands. Ask your favorite Beauty Advisor when the next GWP is and use that as your opportunity to stock up.

Registering your email on beauty websites is a fantastic way to get coupons and learn about sales. If you're worried about endless emails, consider creating an email account to give retailers. That way news about a deal on your favorite lipgloss won't get lost in the email shuffle.

Baller Alert: some department stores (like Century 21) give you coupons when you purchase cosmetics, skin care, and fragrances to use in other areas of the store.

Sleep In Style


It's Sunday evening, and you're watching your favorite reality star relax in a gorgeous resort. Or luxuriate in their beautiful backyard. You start to daydream about sitting in a wicker chair with your feet up, soaking in the sun. Then your reality sets in.

Fear not. That daydream can be your reality on your next vacation.

Wealthy homeowners in places like Florida and California are now making their homes accessible to the public. Mansions and beach houses are available as rentals to groups at almost the same rate that everyone would pay for a cluster of hotel rooms. It's becoming the latest trend in celebrating bachelorette parties and birthdays.

The Good Life


Living (mildly) like a celebrity doesn't have to drain your bank account. It's just about knowing when and where to make those A-list level purchases. A little research can help you to get a few more beautiful things in life for a smaller cost.