The Truth Behind Ariana Grande's Floating Pony

Did you see Ariana Grande’s floating ponytails in her Vogue cover video, In My Head? Her stylist, Josh Liu, used Indique Hair’s PURE Straight texture in 30” to create this gorgeous voluminous ponytail!

“They’re smashing it with 10 pounds of hair on [their heads] and pleather boots,” says choreographer Scott Nicholson. The mile-long ponies were created by hairstylist Josh Liu with Indique hair extensions; the boots are affordable Pleaser platforms. The incredible vocals, of course, are all Ariana’s.” -

The floating ponytails and dancers concept derived from Ariana’s signature looks: “It kind of started out by just finding what makes Ariana iconic: it’s the voice, it’s the ponytail, it’s the boots, it’s the silhouette. So we decided we wanted to create an iconic video where we’re isolating the Ariana iconography and playing it up and having a good time with it.”-

Want to recreate Ariana Grande’s signature 30” ponytail? Head over to Indique’s site and check out PURE Straight in 30”!