How to Have Hydrated Hair & Glowing Skin

As the summer heat intensifies, oil production on our skin increases, as well as sweat in the scalp and on facial skin. Here are some tips to keep your hair hydrated without affecting that glowing skin! Especially for my oily glowers.


-Change Pillow Cases and Sleep Wear.

This will includes bonnets, scarves, head wraps, du'rags, etc. Keep multiple, so you're never without a clean one handy. Change and wash them weekly, twice a week, or as needed. This will keep the oils from your hair and scalp from transferring to your face while sleeping.

-Hands off!

Unless cleansing, moisturizing, or styling, don't touch your hair and then touch your face. Simple as that. :)


-Shampoo Hair and Scalp Weekly.

Thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair to remove any excess buildup or oils: Weekly, or every 3-7 days. Bi-weekly is okay in most cases, keep the hair away from the face as much as possible.

-Keep a cleansing wipe or toner on hand.

A refreshing homemade toner, blotting papers, or wipes are always helpful in the summer!


-Know Your Oils.

-All oils serve a purpose, but not all oils are created equally. Research what ingredients are comedogenic (pore-clogging) vs. non-comedogenic (breathable and easily absorbed)

For example, Argan Oil (The hydrating ingredient in the Indique Essentials Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner, & Oil) is on the lowest end of the comedogenic scale and boasts many hair and skin benefits. Castor oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, kukui nut oil, and mango butter are also low on the comedogenic scale.

Slightly higher on the comedogenic scale are coconut butter, coconut oil, marula oil, and palm kernel oil. When used, these oils create a barrier that protects skin during dry and cold weather. For oily skin types, these oils can be too heavy, create pore-clogging, and ultimately acne/inflammation.


-Try Vegan/"Clean" Alternatives.

Sometimes our skin is reacting to the harmful chemicals, additives, or preservatives found in many cosmetic products. There are so many up and coming vegan, vegan-friendly, and clean cosmetic alternatives to try.

And finally,

-Take An Allergy Test.

Healthy hair and skin come from within! Take the time to research what foods and ingredients you’re allergic or sensitive to. Find a local allergist/immunologist doctor or holistic wellness center with Naturopathic Doctors licensed to do allergy testing. This changed my life, and my skin, for the better! Removing small things from our diet can bring the glow back to our skin, and adding good things to our diet can help nourish and grow our hair thick and luxurious.