Refresh Those Tresses

Refresh Those Tresses

Depending on your hair type, you may not be able to shampoo your every single day. This leaves you with the question of what to do in between shampoos or a visit to your favorite stylist? One great option is Indique Hair Care Essentials Dry Shampoo. This is an excellent dry cleanser that gets rid of oily residue and beautifully refreshes the hair.

dry shampoo.jpg

The Indique Hair Care Essentials Dry Shampoo comes in a convenient spray in an aerosol can. The formula is easy to use and promotes luscious tresses that are full of volume as if you just came from the salon. There is no sticky or gritty residue. One of the best features is that the formula is colorless (no accidental skunk stripes here).

For best use, hold the can about 2 to 4 inches away from the hair or scalp and spray on in light, even strokes. Brush through evenly. Now, be prepared to enjoy refreshed summer tresses that are once again full of volume.