My Skin is Gleamin'

"My skin is gleamin' The way it shines; I know you've seen it" - Ariana G.

We are now well into the summer, which is the second most troubling season for our precious skin. We are prone to more breakouts, oil-filled pores and even dull dryness due to the harsh suntans, greasy air, and our natural body sweat.

Unfortunately, facial treatments aren't just being handed out, some of them (especially the good ones) aren't cheap, and most contain harsh chemicals that aren't particularly good for everyone's skin. But luckily there are ALL natural home masks you can do to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin to give it that perfect summer glow FOR THE LOW.

1. Cucumber and sugar

Cucumber contains vitamin C, which brightens the skin and provides hydration thanks to its high water content. While the sugar acts as an exfoliant to soothe the skin. INSTANT GLOW. Just add a dash of sugar in mashed cucumber slices. Refrigerate them for some time. Once it is cold, apply the paste on your face.

2. Lemon and honey

Lemon and honey work as a natural skin toner to even out your skin tone while rejuvenating and warding off greasy skin! (for all my oily skin peeps). Mix equal parts of lemon juice and honey, with an egg white and mix them thoroughly. Keep it on your face with 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it away with water.

3. Milk and honey

Milk will heal dry skin, hydrate skin, treat acne, and relieve sunburn. Take the milk and add a few drops of honey to it. Apply the mixture on your face and let it stay on for 10 to 15 minutes. It will moisturize your skin and soften it.

Most of the people are complaining about oily skin in summer but let’s say you are the odd one out and still have skin that has dry patches; then you need this banana face mask.

banana mask.jpg

4. Banana face mask

Bananas contain reasonable amounts of vitamin C that helps in maintaining the natural and youthful glow of the skin. This mask is full of vitamin C, which helps get rid of dullness and reduces spots and blemishes.

Even though its summer, these masks can be used all year round. Happy Masking!