Tips on Length Retention!

One of the most pressing matters most people face when growing out their hair is retaining length. Hair, unfortunately, doesn’t grow overnight. Who knew!? In a time when gratification and visible results must be given right now, trying natural methods to grow out our hair makes us impatient, especially me! Fortunately, there are tricks to help your hair grow a bit faster and a whole lot healthier.



1. Reduce your use of shampoos and conditioners with sulfates.

Hair needs moisture, and sulfates work hard to suck moisture out of the hair. Honestly, if you have curlier hair, don’t shampoo unless it’s entirely necessary. Curly hair tends to be drier than most hair types, and it needs as much more moisture as possible. Moisture is one of the critical components of retaining the right length.

2. Alternate deep conditioning treatments and strengthening treatments weekly.

Deep conditioners are your curls best of friends. It’s all just good stuff for your hair, the most important one being intense moisture. Strengthening treatments are necessary to rebuild the keratin in the nose and increase their overall strength and shine. Using the two consistently will result in stronger, healthier hair from root to tip.

3. Don’t be afraid of oils.

Oils have tons of benefits for the hair and scalp and usually offer nourishing effects that help create a healthier scalp. As we know, a healthy scalp will lead to longer, healthier hair over time. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for your hair! There are even oils that help stimulate growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp! The best part is, they’re all-natural and non-toxic. Next time your wash day comes around to try a hot oil treatment.

4. Clarify!

This is probably the only time I’ll ever tell you to shampoo your hair. Clarifying shampoos are like reset buttons for your hair and scalp. They get rid of all the buildup and gunk that could be weighing your hair down and stumping its growth. Try adding a clarifying shampoo to your routine just once a month.

5. Avoid heat styling.

Unless you’re taking extra precautions to protect it, applying heat to the hair is never suitable for it. It stumps the growth exponentially because the heat kills the hair. Be gentle with your strands, show it some TLC, and avoid hot tools if you can.

6. Trim your hair!

Getting rid of split ends a great way to help retain length. It keeps the hair looking and feeling thicker and healthier. It’s a myth that it makes your hair grow faster, but it certainly improves the way it feels and prevents split ends from traveling up the hair shaft. If you let split ends go, they’ll keep moving upward, damaging even more of your hair, which would cause you to need to cut even more hair off. Stick to a regular trimming schedule to avoid extreme damage.

Try these tips this summer and see how much length you can retain!