Olaplex: The Curl Protector and Reviver

Olaplex: The Curl Protector and Reviver

We all know that curly hair can be a bit of a challenge when it comes down to caring for and maintaining its health and beauty. Everything from coloring, to heat styling, and yes, even some “protective” styles can wreak havoc on and damage your natural hair. However, there is a product on the market that is gaining popularity with curly girls everywhere for revitalizing and repairing their coils and kinks. Olaplex is a hair care system that promises to protect and improve bonds that are broken from things like chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Olaplex is a 3-step treatment that can be done by a professional and maintained at home. Your stylist will use steps 1 and two at the salon while coloring your hair to protect it, or as a standalone treatment to repair the hair. Step 3 is then used at home as a weekly treatment to maintain the health of your hair. There are many women and men only use the third step to revive their curls.

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As a hair colorist, I always use Olaplex. I color my hair quite often, and Olaplex has saved my natural curls. This might be something you want to try out in between installs if you straighten your leave out or like to color your hair and extensions. Yes, Olaplex can be used on your human hair extensions too! 

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if you are someone who would like to achieve colors like Indique’s 27 and 613 from the Hysteria collection on your natural hair or curly hair extensions but, you are worried about the damage, try to find stylists who offer Olaplex treatments with their services.

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Olaplex now has a full at-home hair care regimen which includes a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in bond smoother, and their new bonding oil to keep your luscious locks looking and feeling great. So, how about it? Will you be considering adding some color to those curls now, or do you want to help your curls bounce back with Olaplex? Don’t forget to tag @iloveindique to show us the looks that you can achieve using Indique Hair Extensions and Olaplex.