Are You Following Ugo Mozie? You Totally Should Be!


If you haven’t heard of Ugo Mozie then I take it you’re either living under a rock, at adult summer camp with no social media access, or on a desert yoga retreat (yes, they do those!).  Nevertheless, Mozie’s instagram gives us all a taste of the couture life, confirmation that hard works pays off, and reaffirms that remaining humble leads to a more fruitful life. Here are a few reasons why he’s such a lovely fellow to follow…

1. Youthful Inspiration: Thankfully, technology has kicked the idea that inspiration must only come from the elder and more experienced, as Mozie is only 23 years of age with a knack for inspiration that encourages others and exposes a diverse cultural side of life many would never experience. He tactfully shares his journey’s around the world, but doesn’t shy away from quotes of inspiration to uplift the perusing followers spirit.

2. The Ugo Mozie Collection: Name the classic fashion trend that is now an undeniable fashion accessory: the Fedora. The Fedora, is a timeless article of clothing that practically goes with any outfit or mood. Mozie’s collection has not only been seen on prominent celebrities such as Beyonce and Justin Bieber, but it’s also available for the everyday chic connoisseur of fine things. If you haven’t purchased from the collection I would definitely hurry up, as many of the Fedora’s sell out quickly.


3. Artistic Expression: Every once in awhile there comes along a person that truly understands how to translate art into life. Ugo Mozie is one of those people. From his post to his poignant attention to detail in his clothing it is clear that he can translate art into imagery, which then becomes conversation, and that my friend is what you call a gift.


If you’re not following Ugo Mozie take a minute to stroll through his timeline or visit his website to connect with him and remain inspired.